Dáithí Sproule

Scéala an Fhómhair

Greetings! A gorgeous autumn in Minnesota! In fact, of course, I feel as if there has been so much lovely weather since the pandemic hit — great for our daily walks, and a little comfort in the midst of this immense health disaster. The busy year of touring with Altan and others was not to be, and in fact we have already cancelled next year’s Altan U.S. spring tour and rescheduled a number of gigs to fall, 2021. I am even more grateful than usual for my teaching at the wonderful Center for Irish Music — now on zoom and facetime — and for some lovely get-togethers in our backyard with friends for chat, music, coffee and treats. Lisa and I have also loved the online concerts — particularly all the amazing events Cairdeas na bhFidiléirí have had on Facebook — check them out! And chatting with Shannon Heaton about the meaning of life for her podcast episode The Myth of Tragedy was another delight. So thankful for the ways creativity and community have prevailed and sustained us during this time.

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Dáithí Sproule – Lost River, Vol. 1

Dáithí Sproule - Lost River

“Lost River, Vol. 1” is the long-awaited second song album of Dáithí Sproule.  Featuring songs in Irish and English, exquisitely arranged and accompanied on guitar, the album includes guest performances by Seamus McGuire, Peter Ostroushko, Tom Schaefer, Randal Bays, Liz Carroll, Billy McComiskey, Danielle Enblom, Laura MacKenzie, John Wright, Dean Magraw, James Kelly, Paddy O’Brien, and Altan. (more…)

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Upcoming shows


At Center for Irish Music in St. Paul

Spring Session 2021

  • Uisce Gorm - Tuesday Night Adult Ensemble
  • Mini-Courses
    • Irish Poetry in Translation
    • Irish Musical Families
    • An Introduction to Early Ireland - 400 - 1000 A.D.
  • Individual lessons

Fall/Winter Session 2020/2021

  • Uisce Gorm - Tuesday Night Adult Ensemble
  • Irish Gaelic Songs for Young Singers
  • Singers and their Songs
  • Mini-Courses:
    • The Irish Folk Boom of the 1960s
    • Irish Poetry in Translation
    • Irish Myths and Legends

All classes are currently held online.