Cúpla Focal ó Dháithí

Welcome to my website! My year is ending with a flurry of busy-ness (rather than snow). I’ve been doing some recording with my great friend Liz Carroll for a project that should see the light of day next year — her new compositions for this are so beautiful and it’s such pleasure to accompany them — she is a fountain of creativity! I’ve also been recording some tracks here in Minnesota for the new Altan cd, which will be out in time for our U.S. tour in March — wonderful tunes and songs —and I’m happy to be able to chip in from a distance. Finally I’ve been doing some voice-over work for the Woods Music documentary that I did a lot of filming for in Canada, Ireland and Minnesota during the year — it’s another project that should be out in ’24. The winter is proving interesting so far! Keep warm!