Scéala an tSamhraidh

Greetings! Well, everything is different with this virus, of course! The Altan spring U.S. tour was only half complete when we decided we had to pull the plug and head back to our various homes — and it was going beautifully with nice crowds — we were enjoying having Nia Byrne, Mairéad’s daughter, with us. There were other disappointing cancellations: a mini-tour with Shannon Heaton, a festival with Trian, two weeks at Swannanoa in July and the Milwaukee Irish Fest in August with Altan and Liz Carroll. Anyway, we are all in the same boat — all over the world!! Thankfully, I’ve been able to continue my teaching with the Center for Irish Music on line and that has been very enjoyable — maybe more so than ever, because people need something to distract them and cheer them up. Let’s hope live happenings aren’t too far in the future! All the best, Dáithí